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Single-Premium Life Might Be Just For You!
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Insurance Check-Up for 2017

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Daniel Stanton, FIC <> Your Fraternal Insurance Advisor

Single-Premium Life Might Be Just For You!

The main benefit of life insurance is to leverage funds to create an estate.Life insurance can provide for survivors or to leave something to charity. There are only three possible beneficiaries to your estate-- family, charity and government.

Single-premium life is a type of life insurance in which a lump sum of money is paid into the policy in return for a death benefit that always exceeds the amount paid in. It is also guaranteed to remain paid-up until you die.

With single-premium life insurance, the cash invested builds up quickly because the policy is fully funded. The size of the death benefit depends on the amount invested and the age and health of the insured.

From the insurance company's perspective, a younger person is calculated to have a longer remaining life expectancy, giving the funds paid in the premium more time to grow before the death benefit is expected to be paid out. And, naturally, the larger the amount of capital you initially contribute to your policy, the greater your death benefit will be as well.

For example, a 60-year-old female in good health might use a $100,000 single premium to provide a $225,723 of income-tax free death benefits to her beneficiaries.

Single-premium life earns a high, tax-deferred interest rate.Unlike many investments, you can actually borrow money out and put it back, giving you liquidity for up to 90% of the cash values.Should death occur with a loan against the policy, the loan is simply deducted from the death benefit.

Both your policy cash values and death benefits grow because the Knights of Columbus pay some of the highest dividends in the insurance industry.The Order has paid just over $3 Billion in death benefits over the years and has awarded over $6 Billion in living benefits (dividends) to our certificate holders.You do not have to die to benefit from insurance.

Our plan has no administrative charges and no surrender charges and there is no annual policy fee.The interest you accumulate in your policy is not taxed unless you withdraw the funds, so you do not get a 1099 as you would with a CD.All death benefits are paid out income-tax free.

This is a terrific policy for the Knight, his spouse and even kids.It’s a one-and-done contract, creating an instant estate for the insured.

If you have a favorite charity, this is a great way to fund it.Done correctly, you could even tax deduct the premium you pay in.

Why not give me a call and let’s discuss how single-premium life can benefit you and your family.Put those unused investments, high risk stocks and mutual funds and low interest CD’s to work today by moving those monies into a single-premium life account.


Your Field Agent

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PS. For March 2018 I was the #1 Field Agent in the Order for Disability Insurance sales.The credit goes to each of our families that met with me and understood the importance of protecting their paycheck.Thank you for the honor of working for you.

Fraternally and Sincerely,

May God bless you, your family and your efforts.

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